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Boltex Textile has 60 years of success in the manufacturing of textiles for the hospitality industry. We are one of the elite few who have been chosen to be a distributor of Milliken fabrics.

In recent 75-wash touch tests conducted by a leading independent research firm, nearly 3 out of 4 people preferred the feel of Signature by Milliken over cotton!

More hotels and commercial laundries have switched to Signature because it gives fewer re washes and fewer ironer rejects. Milliken’s fabric holds its color, maintains its size and shape - even after hundreds of washings!

A few comments of Milliken’s Fabric Customers:

  • Westin Maui:“other types of table linen faded in the sun.”
  • Carnival Cruise Lines: found that efficient processing makes it easy for on board laundries. "Our ships' dining rooms have up to 200 tables, so we need consistent color. Millikens Napery Fabrics keeps its original shade, even after 100 washes, for a more elegant,overall, appearance. And it's easy to process, too."
  • MGM Grand and Mirage in Las Vegas: “Milliken’s fabrics are a sure thing. They have a soft feel and elegance, better stain-release than cotton or blends, and they're backed with Milliken’s comprehensive range of value-added services.”
  • Pinehurst Hotel: “ Milliken’s fabric has the feel and the hand of cotton, it holds the fold, the quality is consistent, and it resists stains and soaks up spills.”

Signature by Milliken is everything you want in a table linen fabric, and it comes with the most comprehensive technical support and customer service in the industry. The feel is very impressive and the napkins stay square and white. Signature absorbs and doesn't leave that annoying white lint on customers’ laps. Signature gives restaurants the natural feel they want in their table linens.

Milliken’s designer and product development associates will work closely with you to develop any custom pattern or logo you desire. We can create a new pattern for any hotel or incorporate a logo into the middle of our satin band linens, all for a small minimum order requirement.

Boltex Textile and Milliken are ready for the test to prove that Signature is everything it says it is.


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